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The 5 Word Question That’ll Make Your Wife Beg You For Sex?



Even if you’ve been together for DECADES it’s still possible to trigger an intense sexual desire in your partner.

Here’s how…

Use this 5 word question to make your wife (or girlfriend) beg you for sex


There’s a secret language of arousal.

It’s not “how was your day?”

And it’s not “come f@#$ me right now”.

It’s not aggressive.

And it’s not plutonic.

It’s a more primal language.

It lies below surface words.

It’s not concerned with the superficial – like whether you meet the current cultural rules of “attractive” (in other words you DON’T need to look like Channing Tatum to trigger this primal lust).

This is about tapping into the deep sexual hunger that exists within all women of all ages (that are legally allowed to have sex of course).

Think about this for a moment…

Billions of people on this planet have had sex and will have sex.

Millions and millions of people are having sex right now.

This very second.

So the problem isn’t that your woman lacks sexual desire.

Sexual desire is genetically programmed in to every woman alive.

But if she’s not displaying it right now, that means it’s locked away.

And it’s waiting for you to use your key to unlock that desire.

And that key is how you approach your woman.

How you talk to her.

How you communicate with her.

How you interact with her.

Not just before bed but throughout the day and throughout your relationship.

That sexual desire is there – you just need to unlock it.

So if you’d like to know how to do that…

…And if you’d like to know the exact words to use to stoke that flame of passion, go read this article that I wrote on it.

In it I break down the 5 word question to stimulate intense sexual hunger in your woman, no matter how long you’ve been together – and many more methods you can use to drive her crazy for you.

Go read it here…

The 5 word question for intense sexual hunger

Talk soon,


PS – Remember, this works on almost any kind of woman – wives, girlfriends – even first dates.

See what it is through this link HERE…



Trigger Lust Review

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