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Guys Who Get Lots of Sex
Don’t Fear THIS?


If you ask a guy that gets a LOT of sex (whether he’s in a relationship, or especially if he’s single and “playing the field”) he’ll tell you that it’s EASY…

He’ll tell you that women are NOT all stuck up and defensive, that you don’t need any secret lines or tricks, and that, in fact, women are generally ON YOUR SIDE from the moment you say “Hello,” hoping that you don’t blow it.

Unfortunately many guys blow right there– right as they are saying hello.

The thing that holds most men back from having a full sex life is self-sabotage.  It’s their own secret fears that keep them from getting laid.

And yes, even plenty of married guys have these secret fears.  Married guys reading this know EXACTLY what I’m talking about – sometimes trying to get your wife turned on feels like a maze of anxiety and potential humiliation.

What’s the secret fear?  What’s the difference that makes the difference?

It’s not the same for EVERY guy, but for many if not MOST guys, the UNCOMFORTABLE ANSWER is in this video below:

>>> [VIDEO] Your Secret Fear That Keeps You From Getting Laid

For the guys that find it easy to get laid, the universal difference is that they KNOW (or truly don’t care) that they can take care of business in the bedroom.  They are completely COMFORTABLE with their masculinity, and never feel like a woman “won’t take them seriously as a MAN.”

And here’s the really INSANE part…

For MANY men this comes down to the size of what they were born with…

You know what I’m talking about.  And yes, it’s insane for men to think that way but…

According to sex researcher Alex Allman, he was absolutely shocked when he launched a study on the subject, only to have MANY men tell him that they had been AVOIDING SEX FOR YEARS because they were so insecure about their package and their secret fear that they couldn’t satisfy a woman…

A fear that Allman claims is absolute BULLSHIT.


Because even though only some men avoided sex completely, MOST other men, even though they didn’t let it stop them from trying to get laid, still felt that it kept them from feeling CONFIDENT…

Their fear around their manhood made them insecure, and made them feel LESS MASCULINE every time they were talking to an attractive woman.

In fact, according to this study, if you’re like most men, then you have probably felt like you were “faking” being masculine when you were with a woman because of secret fears about being man enough…

And this was true even for guys that were well ABOVE average!

What’s the solution?

Well it’s definitely NOT pills, stretching, yanking, or pumping…

As Allman talks about this in THIS VIDEO…

…even if a guy could put on another half inch from months of stretching for hours a day (and most doctors will tell you even THAT is impossible), they still wouldn’t feel suddenly like they were King Kong.

That small difference wouldn’t make any difference in how you felt about it.

The solution to feeling CONFIDENT and MASCULINE with beautiful women, and getting much more sex, is actually much more straight forward, but it does take some willingness to learn some new things.

If you’re ready to get rid of your secret anxieties and finally feel like a MAN IN FULL every time you confidently say hello to a beautiful woman, then the best way for you to get started on that journey is right here: 

>>> Anxiety Every Time You Talk To Pretty Girls? [VIDEO]


As so many men already know… You won’t find a more trustable and truthful resource than Alex Allman.

Not safe for work (obviously)… but if you’re in a private place where you can give this your full attention, click here now

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