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Men Think “DIRTY” Every 7 Seconds?


Legend has it, on average, adult men think about sex every seven seconds.

(If my Math is right, that’s more than 500 times an hour and more than 8,000 times during the approximately 16 hours you’re awake.

And I’d imagine it’s bigger than the number of thoughts I have about anything in a single day!)

While that number is obviously an urban myth, what is true is that some of us blow our loads within 7 quick seconds of penetration.

Sometimes even less. (Ever heard of “one-pump chump”?)

Well, it sucks when that happens.

Here’s how to make sure you don’t “come too fast”…

Look, we all expect some grand fireworks at the end of a hot, sweaty bedroom session… but we also hope it’ll take a while to reach there.

We’re not like other animals.

Whether it’s horny lions in Tanzania, red deer in heat on the Island of Rum, or snow monkeys humping on Mount Fuji, intercourse is stunningly quick for every species of mammal.

The males thrust and growl just long enough to satisfy instinct and offload their juice before withdrawing and heading back to hunting, running, or sleeping.

Except us humans. Guys like you and me.

And when we’re not able to hold off on our orgasms, shooting quicker than our partners might enjoy, we blame ourselves.

And our partners secretly hold it against us.

But here’s a simple truth…

The thing you fear doing the most is ALSO the thing that brings you the most success.

You’ve seen those horror movies with the boy running and tripping almost every step, slowing himself down and inevitably contributing to his own demise.

Yet, how many times do you do that to yourself in your path to bedroom success when you succumb to fear?

It’s a powerful force that can hold you back or propel you forward depending on your ability to deal with it.

When you face up to the things that make you most afraid, you often find that they aren’t as terrifying as you could’ve imagined.

A fear of heights can be overcome by facing it.

Other times fear of failure can be defeated by facing your own defeat and learning first hand that it isn’t fatal.

So take the time to face your fears and give up battling them.

If it gets on your nerves that you can’t last enough for the woman in your life…

Then you’ll find that overcoming that fear CAN and WILL completely turn your bedroom life around.

That’s why learning and using this “sexual super power”…

… can be so helpful in totally crushing your fear of “coming too soon”…

… while AMPING UP your staying power in a way that hits her sweet spot and makes her CRAVE you, deep inside of her… again and again.

Step this way for getting supreme stamina in bed…

Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester






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