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Question: i am 22years old and i cant seem to pop a good one for my girlfriend. i was wondering if there was special nutrience i could focus on eating to get harder ones. if you know what i mean. ANY insight on harder boners would be great thanks.

Answer: I was following Mark around, finding and marking his spam.

But, to answer your question, it has been my experience that you really have to be in the mood. Foreplay can help a lot. Watching adult videos without your partner, then having intercourse with your partner can result in a less than stellar and flacid member. Watching these vids with your partner can give you a stronger erection, but then you will have to deal with the whole “you want her more than me!”, so it does have its disadvantages.

Having stress, distractions, sleep deprovation, and just not really being in the mood can be a big problem. I read somewhere that you should try to be ‘in the moment’, and its true.

Good luck big guy. I’ve been where you are before.

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