Silent Seduction Review

How to make even the most STUBBORN woman beg you for sex

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Heads up.

This silent seduction method is VERY effective.

Only use it if you can handle a LOT of sex

Watch this seduce with silence technique below…

==> Watch how to Get your woman to BEG you for sex


You see guys tend to forget this fact.

And they forget it ESPECIALLY when they’re in a long term relationship.

And that fact is that women LOVE sex.

EVERY woman loves sex.

Yes, even YOUR woman.

Even the woman who seems COLD AS ICE is deep down desperate for sex.

The key is knowing how to unlock that sexual desire.

And the problem is that most guys have no clue.

In fact, without knowing it, most men end up SUPPRESSING a woman’s sexual desire.

And then wonder why she doesn’t want sex.

And to top it off… when they get really frustrated… they try EVEN HARDER with an ineffective approach… which makes the situation even worse.

And because they’re trying so hard it’s no surprise that after all this they start believing it’s THEIR WOMAN that doesn’t want the sex.

But the truth is that it comes down to the STRATEGY.

With the right approaches and techniques, you can QUICKLY get even the most conservative woman BEGGING for sex.


Your woman WANTS to have sex.

From a biological point of view one the main purposes of our existence is to reproduce.

Her body wants it.

So when you start speaking to this inherent need, you’ll be surprised at just how quickly her desire reveals itself.

But of course you’ve got to be open-minded and willing to try something different.

This approach is VERY counter-intuitive.

But it is HIGHLY effective.

If you want to learn more, go watch the following video.

It does an excellent job at explaining this strategy…

Surprising method triggers UNCONTROLLABLE SEXUAL DESIRE in women

Talk soon,


PS – Picture for a moment having your woman beg YOU for sex.

How would it feel?

How would it impact your sex life?

It would be an amazing experience, wouldn’t it?

Well discover how to make it happen by using the method outlined in this video…

Stimulate intense sexual desire [counter-intuitive method revealed]

seduce with silence review pdf gotham seduction club craig miller techniques system silence download magic cost


P.S.S.  Your questions about the program, Just to clear up any misunderstanding FYI, You’re not the only one thinking this …)

Hey man,

Have you checked out Magic’s new program yet?

If not, what are you waiting for??

Based on what I’m seeing in my inbox, there are already some major success stories rolling in …

But there’s also been a few questions about the system …

That’s to be expected.

Magic’s unusual methods are unfamiliar to most guys – and that’s a good thing.

Because with new experiences comes growth.

And growth breeds success.

So because the clock is ticking, let’s get a few of your most burning questions out of the way right now.

First, Jeff L writes to ask how quickly he can expect results …

I’m curious … if I bought this right now at, say, 9pm in the night … how fast do you think I could start using it to actually get laid? What are the typical results you see from most other clients?”

Magic knows a lot of guys want to get fast hookups, so he designed this course to get you started in just 15-20 minutes.

So technically if you live somewhere that available chicks are hanging out later tonight, sure, you could put this system to work right away …

But I’d say your shot at getting laid by this coming weekend is VERY GOOD, because I find the weekend is when most girls are on the prowl for a hookup.

Plus, most guys are successful within 3-5 days after joining the program, so that should put you right on track – especially if you haven’t gotten laid in a long time.

The thing is, physical touch gets a chick hotter and turned on much faster than words – so it naturally allows you to get her into bed faster and easier, without all the “dating games” or weird pickup lines.

Get laid tonight with THIS Silent Seduction Technique

Next, Moishe writes in with a question I’ve been hearing a lot …

“I have no doubt this works, but I’m worried it may increase my chances of getting rejected. I feel like if I come on so strong (by touching) she’s going to be more likely to push me away. Am I just being paranoid?”

Look – Let’s clear up any misunderstanding about this system right now …

Your first touches are so subtle and innocent, almost no woman is even going to notice them, let alone reject them.

Magic compares it to a handshake.

It’s totally acceptable – no one would even think twice about it! I also get that this can be scary and unfamiliar for a lot of men (it did for me at first, too) … but you’ll get over this quickly.

The truth is, you’re going to have to get physical at some point – you can’t have sex with a girl without touching her – so all you’re doing here is accelerating the process.

Each step is designed to make her feel perfectly relaxed the entire time … and once you see how the system is set up you’ll realize how natural and fun it really is!

There’s nothing weird or uncomfortable to do, no complicated steps to memorize, and you’ll discover how much women LOVE IT when a guy knows how to touch them (and so few guys can do it the right way) …

Learn the right way to touch her

Next, Chris is skeptical about the quality of women he can attract with this method.

“Can this actually get me a classy or well educated girl, or a truly “beautiful” woman? I’m concerned this may only work on drunk girls in bars?”

This is a big misconception, because men just assume if a chick likes the way you touch her and she’s DTF – she has to be a slut.

The reality is, this system works on ALL women, because all women love to be touched the RIGHT way  – and if you do this the right way, it’s scary how effective it is!

Always remember this – a girl isn’t going to be less sexual or less turned on just because she’s more physically attractive or well educated.

In fact, hot girls and educated women are often more confident about their sexuality and more likely to act on these feelings more quickly.

They’ll even take control and lead YOU into the bedroom.

Bang that brainy hot chick

Gabe writes in about his age being an issue – or rather, his “friend’s” age 😉

“I’ve got a couple of friends who are a bit older than me. Specifically one is 53 and one is 57. I want them to sign up for the system too, but their skeptical that this only works for younger guys. What would you say to a couple of older guys like them?”

Listen up, older dudes …

Young women love older men because they are smarter, more confident, and more experienced than the immature guys their own age.

Younger women love the way it feels when an older guy touches them. A strong, confident hand will make her feel relaxed, calm, and turned on – especially at a time in her life when the world can seem so big and out of control.

I can’t promise your friends will nail a 19 year old right off the bat. A lot of this has to do with lifestyle and where they’re at when they come into the system.

But there are TONS of younger women actively looking for more experienced guys, and Magic’s system is the quickest way to get into their panties.

Younger women crave this confident touch

Riu was concerned about having been through a recent dry spell …

Do you think this would work for someone who hasn’t been laid in months – or years? I’m asking for my brother, who wants to join the course but he hasn’t slept with a girl in over a year.”

Magic has helped out hundreds of guys from all different levels of skill and experience – from introverted virgins all the way up to experienced players.

And really, the answer depends on why your brother hasn’t been getting laid.

But let’s just say he’s a normal guy and he just doesn’t know how to get a girl into bed – or he’s meeting women but he can never close the deal.

If that’s the case, this system is going to supercharge his ability to turn women on … so girls who are telling him “no thanks” right now (or just not calling/texting him back) will be WAY more receptive to sleeping with him right away.

And if he wants to date hotter girls, this system will help him with that too.

Ultimately, this is a system for any guy who’s felt “stuck” or hasn’t been laid in forever – or a guy who has success with girls but wants to up his game to the next level and bang hotter babes more easily (and more quickly).

Put an end to that dry spell tonight

One more question – and I’m glad someone asked this …

Max writes, “I’ve heard from a lot of experts that pickup lines and phrases can turn a woman on just as easily as your system … why not just do that instead?”

Listen – it’s NOT that pickup lines DON’T work, they do have their purpose!

But what DOESN’T work are those long, drawn out conversations that never get a woman in the mood to have sex!

Think about how physical sex is … doesn’t it make sense that touching a woman in specific ways is going to get her thinking about sex and in the mood much faster?

Think about it from your perspective.

You’re on a date, and a girl is being VERY physical. Rubbing your arms, holding your hands, touching your thigh …

Even if it all seems very innocent, you’ll probably pop a boner, right?

At the very least, she’s stirred up some very strong feelings “down there.”

And if she REALLY knows how to turn you on, you may even feel like you’re going to explode if you don’t bang her as soon as possible – right?

That’s exactly how a woman feels when you touch her the RIGHT way.

Touch her like THIS [Seduce With Silence VIDEO]

Whew … that’s more than I expected to write today – thanks for hearing me out, and I hope you’ve noticed you’re not the only one with questions about the system.

But I also hope I’ve put your biggest concerns to rest.

Because I don’t know how much longer Magic will allow this video to remain online – I only know it will remain available through tonight …

Why would you put this off any longer – click here!



Silent Seduction Review

Seduce With Silence Review

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Seduce With Silence Review 

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