Sexual Decoder System Review

Can “Average” Guys
Attract 10 / 10 Women?
Decode Her Signals Review


My answer:

No and yes.

If a guy decides to STAY average, then no, he probably won’t attract his definition of 10 out of 10.

But almost any guy can BECOME magnetically attractive to a 10 / 10, if he follows the right steps.

Discover these steps here…

How to go from “average” to super-attractive to your dream women


Your single biggest obstacle right now to achieving the level of success you want in your dating, sex and relationship life is yourself.

And I don’t mean your looks, your genetics, your height, your wealth, your weight or any of that superficial stuff.

I mean YOU are your biggest obstacle.

Believing that you can’t attract the kind of dream woman that you want.

Believing that you have to be someone other than yourself to attract that dream girl – like thinking you have to look like Channing Tatum or Brad Pitt (rather than just being the best version of yourself).

Believing that you somehow aren’t worthy of her.

These are your greatest obstacles.

And I know that isn’t perhaps the most exciting thing to hear in a world of “3 word pick-up lines that’ll soak her panties”, but it’s the truth.

If you feel totally and completely worthy of the woman you’re after, the truth is you don’t need any pickup lines.


Because pickup lines are just surface communication.

They have their place (which is as a crutch to give men confidence to start approaching women, until they realize they don’t need the crutch – but it at least gets them in the game).

But what really attracts women is your true sense of self.

Are you an attractive man?

Do you feel like you deserve to have her?

Because when you do, when you really feel it, getting the dream woman or women will be dead simple.

So with all that said, how do you get there?

Well the full answer to that is a very long conversation but let me give you some nuggets of wisdom (I’m so humble, aren’t I?)

#1 – Practise visualising attracting that dream woman.

I don’t care if you’re into the more “woo-woo” stuff or not, just freakin’ try this every day, once in the morning when you wake, once in the evening before bed for 30 days and you’ll be blown away by how much more confident you feel about what you want.

Spend 5 minutes seeing yourself being with that dream woman. Forget the “how” just focus on what it would look like and get excited.

You’ve got to first see what you want before you can create it in real life.

#2 – Ask yourself – who would you have to BECOME for your dream woman to be attracted to you?

Stay true to yourself, but be honest.  This is a necessary step.

Then actually start BEING that person.  Don’t be fake – magnify what’s great about you to achieve it.

#3 – Study female attraction.

A man worthy of a great woman knows how to get her attention, how to spark attraction and how to take things to the next level – in a way that she deeply appreciates.

Most men don’t know how to do this naturally (I sure wasn’t born with this knowledge).

Therefore you must study this if you want extraordinary results with women and in your dating life.


Where do you study?

Copy the greats.

See what masters of seduction do and model the approaches that you like and start using them.

It’s that simple.

Where specifically can you find a person like this?

Go watch the video below.

And see a pro in action so you can copy his method…

Watch a pro seducer at work so you can model and use his methods

And let’s talk soon,


PS – Phew that was a long newsletter.

I recommend you go RE-READ it, apply it and go watch the video linked here to see how a master of female attraction interacts with women…

Sexual Decoder System review


PS. 3 signs she’s DESPERATE for it 

Have you heard of Tucker


He’s the author of “I Hope

They Serve Beer In Hell.”

Years back when I first discovered who Tucker Max was…

I read a brilliant quote from him.

He said he “didn’t get it” when it came to all those pickup artist gurus out there.

You can’t MAKE a girl leave the bar with you that doesn’t want to.

The guy who gets laid every night finds the RIGHT girl.

The girl that is secretly looking to hookup.

So how do you find that girl?


Just look for these signals…

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Craig Miller


Decode Her Signals Review


Decode Her Signals Review


Sexual Decoder System Review



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