Sexual Activation Blueprint Review

This Trick Makes You Rejection-Proof (Hidden Cam Footage)


Have you ever been around a guy who is just so good with women, it’s almost like magic?

I’m talking about THAT guy …

You know the one … he’s probably not that attractive, he’s not well off, and he may well come across like some kind of douchebag.

But when it comes to women – no matter how hot, or if she’s with another guy or has a boyfriend – it seems like he’s somehow stolen some secret “girl playbook” that makes picking up girls look totally effortless.

Want to know his secret?

Now I’ve seen a lot of dating techniques that claim to “crack open the mind” of hot women and spill out their secrets … and to be honest, there’s not a whole lot of insight there.

But one thing I haven’t seen is a product that actually cracks open the mind of THAT guy …

You know, the douchebag who gets ALL the girls – what’s HIS secrets?

How does he make it look so easy?

Now to be clear, I’m not talking about some hookup “guru” who’s perfected a few lines or has “one weird trick,” or whatever seems to be trendy at the moment.

I’m talking about the average guy hanging out – the friend you had in school, or the dude from work that just seems to have a natural ability to bang any chick he wants.

Good news.

Turns out my buddy Craig Miller has done just that.

Now I can’t vouch for how Craig came across this information … he told me something about data mining, predictive modeling – real black ops-type stuff.

But he claims he’s able to predict with statistical accuracy the exact behaviors – in both men and women – that lead to hooking up.

That includes the guys who get laid most – exactly how they do it … based on the actual private messages, conversations, and behaviors that led to sex.

Craig just put up a controversial video that he claims has hidden camera proof to back him up.

I’ve seen it, and I have to be honest, it’s pretty shocking stuff.

But I’ll let you judge for yourself.

Check out Craig’s video here.

Based on what I saw, I can’t imagine it will be online for very long, so I’d check it out right now, before it disappears.




Sexual Activation Blueprint Review

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