Sexual Activation Blueprint Review

This Trick Makes You Rejection-Proof (Hidden Cam Footage)
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Hi there…

Have you ever been around a guy who is just so good with women, it’s almost like magic?… Like he has some kind of secret female sexual activation blueprint?

I’m talking about THAT guy …

You know the one … he’s probably not that attractive, he’s not well off, and he may well come across like some kind of douchebag.

But when it comes to women – no matter how hot, or if she’s with another guy or has a boyfriend – it seems like he’s somehow stolen some secret “girl playbook” that makes picking up girls look totally effortless.

Want to know his secret?

Now I’ve seen a lot of dating techniques that claim to “crack open the mind” of hot women and spill out their secrets … and to be honest, there’s not a whole lot of insight there.

But one thing I haven’t seen is a product that actually cracks open the mind of THAT guy …

You know, the douchebag who gets ALL the girls – what’s HIS secrets?

How does he make it look so easy?

Now to be clear, I’m not talking about some hookup “guru” who’s perfected a few lines or has “one weird trick,” or whatever seems to be trendy at the moment.

I’m talking about the average guy hanging out – the friend you had in school, or the dude from work that just seems to have a natural ability to bang any chick he wants.

Good news.

Turns out my buddy Craig Miller has done just that.

Now I can’t vouch for how Craig came across this information … he told me something about data mining, predictive modeling – real black ops-type stuff.

But he claims he’s able to predict with statistical accuracy the exact behaviors – in both men and women – that lead to hooking up.

That includes the guys who get laid most – exactly how they do it … based on the actual private messages, conversations, and behaviors that led to sex.

Craig just put up a controversial video that he claims has hidden camera proof to back him up.

I’ve seen it, and I have to be honest, it’s pretty shocking stuff.

But I’ll let you judge for yourself.

Check out Craig’s sexual activation blueprint video here.

Based on what I saw, I can’t imagine it will be online for very long, so I’d check it out right now, before it disappears.




PS. He stole women’s secret playbook…

Hey bud,

I’ve seen a lot of dating techniques that claim to “crack open the minds” of hot women and spill out all their secrets to “help” guys get laid.

And while there’s definitely some good programs out there, most of them suffer from one huge, glaring flaw.

Can you guess what it is?

Big surprise here …

What girls SAY and what they DO are two vastly different things – which renders a lot of those systems totally useless.

In fact, I’ve always wondered why there wasn’t a system that cracked open the mind of a dude!

And you know the dude I’m talking about.

The dude that makes you scratch your head and say, “How the hell did HE hook up with HER??”

He may not be that attractive …

He’s probably not well off or successful…

He may even come across like kind of douchebag.

But when it comes to getting laid – no matter how hot she is, or if she’s with another guy or even if she has a boyfriend …

It seems like he’s somehow stolen a secret “girl playbook” that makes hooking up seem totally effortless.

Sexual Attraction Blueprint Review System

Now don’t misunderstand – I’m not talking about a professional like myself (or some of my peers in this business) who actually WORK at perfecting the art of the hookup.

I’m not talking about your buddy “Todd” – the one who uses cheesy pickup lines and “gets lucky” due to the sheer number of rejections he can stomach.

And I’m sure as hell not talking about that rich a-hole “Alex,” who’s drowning in ass because all the girls want a ride in his Ferrari (or access to his “party favors”).

In fact, THIS dude may have been the friend you had in school, or some guy from the office.

Maybe his name is “Jeff.”

Or “Greg.”

No matter – the point is …

Whoever he is, it just so happens he’s slept with some of the hottest women you’ve ever seen in your life.

If only you knew his secret!

Tonight I have good news …

I’ve discovered a new system that allows you to predict with statistical accuracy the exact behaviors – in both women AND men – that lead to hooking up.

That includes access to the “Gregs” – the normal guys who are getting the most action.

Exactly how they do it – all their secrets revealed.

The best part is, the entire system is based on the actual private messages, conversations, and behaviors that led to sex.

You might be asking, how did I get access to all that private data?

Well it wasn’t me personally…

Everything is explained in the link below — and I have to admit, it’s pretty shocking.

And pretty raw – as in NSFW.

But if you want access, you need to check it out now.

Check out the sexual attraction blueprint here.

Sexual Attraction Blueprint Review PDF Download System





P.S. 99.8% accurate way to make her sleep with you?

Recently my friend John gained access semi-legal to hundreds of thousands of private conversations, marketing data, dating trends and statistics … real mind-blowing stuff about what women REALLY want – as opposed to what they SAY they want.

What’s that mean for you?

In short, when you have access to this kind of NSA-level data about what women want, you’re going to improve your odds with women exponentially.

I’m talking about with 99.8% statistical accuracy, you can predict what a girl is going to respond to, or the best way to engage her.

The easiest way to gain control over her without her even knowing what’s happening!

And I’ve boiled this all down in an easy step-by-step blueprint.

Data is beautiful.

But what’s even more beautiful is that hungry look on a hot girl’s face as she looks up from your lap and locks eyes with you, waiting for you to erupt all over her chin and cheeks.

Graphic, maybe …

But tell me that doesn’t really hit you where it counts.

Speaking of oral, my friend found out a little question you can ask that can actually predict how much a girl likes to give head. How good she is at it, too.

It’s a simple question, unrelated to sex at all.

Want to find out more?

It’s all in the blueprint.




Sexual Activation Blueprint Review

Sexual Attraction Blueprint Review


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