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“It’s A Miracle. I Can Stay Hard For Hours Now”



Read carefully (especially #3)

I’m going to give you three options…

(One of them is going to nudge you a little closer to insanity.)

Ready? Here we go:

(1)  I am not going to give you an electric shock.

(2)  I am definitely going to give you an electric shock, or…

(3)  I might give you an electric shock.

Without a doubt, you’ll be absolutely OK with one of these options. But which of the other two will start to make your eyelids twitch a little?

It’s probably not #2 (though it’s also not going to make me any friends). Instead, it’s what’s behind door #3 that’s stirring up the bats in your loins.

When we’re facing outcomes fused with uncertainty, it’s the fact that something bad might happen that gets us.

In fact a recent study showed that 0% or 100% certainty is soothing, even if it’s about something like death or taxes.

It’s the NOT KNOWING that gnaws away at our confidence.

Knowing what’s going to happen is extremely important to us.

It’s the same with what’s going on in your bedroom…

“Will I or won’t I get HARD for her”?

This is the evil question that gnaws away at our confidence.

When you have not performed with a woman, you know how awful it feels because of the uncertainty about the NEXT time.

But why let uncertainty get to you in the bedroom… when you CAN know for sure how to “perform” and rise to the occasion EVERY SINGLE TIME?

Here’s an incredibly pleasurable way to do it…

Once you “get this”…

* You’ll know how to make “soft entry” work for you… It makes it 100% certain you’ll have intercourse, no matter what.

* She won’t know the difference once you are inside her. With the “hidden finger” trick, she can come again and again, even if you’re not rocky (in fact she can’t tell)

* You will ALWAYS get HARD for your woman… once you get inside her again and again, over a few months, because this rewires your brain and unit so you always get rock-hard anyway. Even if you start out soft, it doesn’t last very long that way.

If you want this certainty, there’s probably a lot you don’t know yet…

Like… how the hidden-finger trick works, solo activities that can greatly speed up recovery, how to fix problems that will come up in your relationship and my favorite:

How To Make “Soft Entry” Work For You…

Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester




Sex God Transformation Review

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