Seduce With Silence Review

How To Make Her Chase YOU For Sex

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Wouldn’t that be nice?

To completely reverse the dynamics and have her being the one pursuing YOU to jump into bed with her?

Well, this man has figured out how to make it happen.

He’s been perfecting this process for years and he’s now sharing it with other men.

Watch his video presentation explaining how to do it here…

Man reveals how to get a woman begging YOU for sex


Most men feel helpless around women.

They feel like if she’s in the mood for sex, then they’re in luck.

But if she’s not, there’s nothing they can do.

And unfortunately for many men, most of the time… She’s not in the mood.

Well, let me demonstrate how you can turn this entire situation around.

Imagine this scenario…

A married man is about to take his wife out to a 5-star restaurant.

She’s spent 2 hours getting ready, has fixed up her hair and she’s put on a beautiful dress.

When she’s done, she asks her man – “How do I look?”

Let’s say, for sake of argument, the man can either choose to say…

Option 1 = “Honey, you look drop-dead gorgeous, I can’t believe how lucky I am to be with you”


Option 2 = “Honestly, I don’t think you can pull that off, maybe 20 years ago, but now you just don’t look the same, do you have something else you could wear?”

Now, I don’t know many men who would opt for the second choice, but here’s my point…

We always have OPTIONS.

We have choices of what we can choose to say or do.

And each of these choices produces completely different results.

Above, option 1 is likely to lead to great night out and his wife feeling highly appreciated.

Option 2 would probably trigger tears and ruin the entire evening.

Options 1 and 2 are extremes.

And I use them to illustrated a point…

What you say and do MATTERS.

What you say and do can produce entirely different results and have a dramatic impact on how your woman feels and responds to you.

Yet even though we already know this, most of us men walk around feeling like there’s nothing we can do to influence the woman (or women) in our life.

We make claims like “I’ve tried everything”, “she’s not that type of woman” and so on.

But the reality is that we’ve only explored a small fraction of our options – and that’s why our results are limited.

We’re not tapping into our power to influence her by using different approaches, saying different things and taking different actions.

So if you’re not happy with the results you’re getting in your sex life, it’s time to start taking control and give yourself more options.

Now, there is a short-cut here.

There’s a person who’s spent a VERY long time studying what works and what doesn’t with female sexuality, and he’s figured out exactly what to do to trigger intense sexual drive in women.

Want to know how to do it yourself?

Then check out his video here…

The specific actions that make a woman chase YOU for sex

Talk soon,


PS – This works on single women and it works in long-term relationships (even if you’ve been together for DECADES without much passion).

Check out this method here…

The exact formula for getting a woman to chase YOU

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Seduce With Silence Review Video

Silent Seduction Review

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