Penis Enlargement Bible Review

2 Kinds Of Penises
(Which One Are You?)

Penis Enlargement Bible Review



Fun fact:

Did you know there are two kinds of penises?

One type expands and lengthens when standing at full salute (a grow-er).

The other appears big most of the time, but doesn’t get much bigger after achieving a hard-on (a show-er).

(about 79 percent of men have growers; 21 percent have showers.)

So, which side are you on?

Regardless whether you’re a ‘grower’ or a ‘shower’, here’s the thing…

In my 15 years of teaching men breakthrough strategies for improving bedroom intimacy, one of the most frequent questions I get is this:

“How do I make my ‘thing’ bigger?”

Well that probably surprises no one.

After all, men google more questions about our manhood than any other body part, and the most common concern appears to be making them bigger, or whether they’re big enough.

Look, the specter of a small ‘member’ has long haunted teenagers and grown men.

And ridiculing the size of a man’s junk is a quick and easy way to cut his ego down to size.

If you’re sick and tired of being too ‘small’ for your woman, and want to know how to effectively ‘upsize’ your package…

Here’s something that may just help you out… PE Bible Review

(in fact it will help you usher in the new year in a ‘BIG way’!)

Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester





PE Bible Review








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