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“How can I increase my penis size?”

Now before I answer this question I do want to re-emphasize something…

No, I do NOT believe size is the only factor in satisfying a woman in bed.

In fact, I strongly recommend that men dedicate a LOT of time and focus on developing their skills in the bedroom to the maximum extent possible.

Nonetheless, a lot of guys are curious about their member size and how to increase it, and the way I see it is that if it’s something you want to increase you shouldn’t be made to feel bad about it.

I’m not saying that I’m encouraging it, but I’m not discouraging it either…

What I’m saying is that as someone who’s taught sex advice to over 1 million men, I’m in the unique position of seeing what works and what doesn’t work in this area.

I see all the B.S. pill and pump manufacturers and the dangerous surgery being offered out there.

I see all the scam artists making fake blogs with photoshopped images of unrealistic size increases in unrealistic time periods.

And the last thing I want to have happen is anyone fall prey to that stuff.

Especially when there IS a natural solution available.

Which brings me to first question I received many times…

“How does this process actually work? How can I increase my size?”

Well the logic is actually pretty simple.

Please stick with me as I break it down…

What determines your size “down there” is the volume of blood that your member can hold.

The more blood it holds, the larger it can get.

What limits your blood capacity?

There are chambers inside your member called the corpus cavernosa filled with capillaries.

The size of these chambers controls the capacity, and therefore size.

What this size-increasing-method does is it includes, among other things, exercises that help expand the size of these chambers.

Now your member obviously isn’t a muscle but think of this process as working in the same way that muscle growth does…

If you stimulate muscles in the appropriate way on a consistent basis you trigger them to grow in size.

The same is true for the corpora cavernosa – if you stimulate them in the right way – you can trigger them to grow in size and capacity and therefore increase your overall size.

Make sense?


Now, I was hoping to answer more questions about this, but unfortunately I’ve run out of time for today and I’ve got to go catch a train!

So, if you’d like to learn more about how exactly this process works then please go check this out this penis enlargement bible website…

How To Increase Your “Size” – Step-By-Step PE Bible Guide

Talk soon,


PS – Over 5000 men have already used this method.

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