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Should You Send D*ck Pics Or Not? (Answer: It Depends…)

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A common question I’ve been getting a lot recently is:

Should I send her a picture of my c*ck or not?

And the answer is… IT DEPENDS.

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Now to follow up on the question…

It depends on WHAT, you ask?

Well, it depends on whether you’ve set the right “man to woman” dynamic in the relationship early on.

Let me explain…

If you meet a girl and you’re acting like her friend… asking her what she’s into. What she does for work. And you pretend to be interested in it.

Then, you go and wrangle your way into hooking up with her under the pretence of doing something related to something she mentioned… without showing any sexual intent at all, and then, seemingly out of nowhere, the night before you meet … you send her a d*ck pic


That’s errm… Not gonna go down well. Because by being so “friendly” you created a “friends” dynamic, so the LAST thing she’d expect would be a d*ck pic.


Let’s say, in the first few seconds of meeting a girl at a bar you say something like: “Hmmm, yes, you’re perfectly ‘shaggable’ let’s sit over here.” with a big smile on your face and continue walking towards your table as if you didn’t say anything…

(Now, this is a bold approach and you have to have the confidence and personality to match it – but remember I’m saying all this to prove a point.)

AND… assuming you execute it right…

She’ll probably laugh, and not react to what you said. (And perhaps be a little shocked!) But make no mistake: if she hasn’t bailed on you at this point, to put it bluntly… her pu*sy WILL have moistened a little.

What’s more: you’ll have made it clear from the first moment — you are NOT friend material.

Now, if you don’t sleep with her on that first meeting. Sending the girl a d*ck pic later on, or the next day letting her know what she has in store for your next hook up would be, for the right person, PERFECTLY OK.

Talk soon,


P.S. – Obviously sending d*ck pics aren’t a requirement for success with women, but I wanted to answer this common question.

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PE Super Sizer Review

PE Supersizer Review







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