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A Question For Sex Expert Alex Allman


Question: Is Alex Allman’s “Passion & Attraction That Lasts” any good for single guys who want to keep playing the field and get MORE women?

This week I sent an email about Allman’s new program – Passion & Attraction That Lasts, and it’s gotten a great response, but it’s clearly a program targeting men already in relationships, and we’ve gotten quite a few emails asking what’s in it for single guys looking to learn how to “become the man that women are erotically attracted to,” and “supercharge any woman’s libido.”

So we got a hold of Alex, and asked him exactly that…  And here’s his reply >>

Alex: Thanks for the question my friend…

In shortest terms:  If a man is drawn to the Passion & Attraction That Lasts program, he should get it, and return it if it’s not valuable to him.  I’m pretty confident in what I create, I know that this is powerful material for men, and I’m more than willing to take the risk.

In slightly longer terms:

There are 3 modules in “Passion & Attraction That Lasts”, and the 2nd one will be completely useless and boring to a man who is single, loving it, and wants to keep playing the field for many years to come.  (Because It is all about your relationships, your communication skills and you learning how to keep your integrity, freedom, and enjoyment in life while still keeping your woman happy, loyal and free to be sexually expressed with you).

The first unit, however, is about becoming the man that women naturally think of as “sex-worthy”. 

This is a big deal for so many men who are frustrated with being “friend-zoned” or having women “like” them, but not feel erotically charged in their presence.

Yes, the program emphasizes relationships and some of the ideas and examples will not be interesting to single guys, but if the go through the exercises, I think the changes they experience will just blow their minds. 

I admit it. I was never very good at “picking up women” but I always dated gorgeous  women and had lots of beautiful, sexy, smart, and fun sexual partners when I was single… and this material you are reading right now is why.

I remember hanging out with the PUAs at Project Hollywood 10 years ago… Mystery, Tyler, and all of those characters, and they couldn’t figure out what the heck I was. 

I was not a “natural” and I was so desperately hopeless at cold approaches, embarrassingly shy and way out of my natural element in clubs and bars–

I wasn’t getting those stacks of phone numbers, but I was getting laid more often than most of them.  It just wasn’t part of their model.

Anyway, I don’t think a man will become better at cold approaching women from this material, but he WILL become magnetic in his interactions with women.  It is about being a man in a way that makes the women around you really FEEL like women, and I think most men really struggle with this–

Which, by the way, is very frustrating for women.

So many men are in denial about their authentic masculinity, their desires, the truth of who they are, because they are afraid they won’t be accepted or they’ll be ridiculed. 

And of course, the opposite is true.  It is just not a very pleasing road to a fulfilling life, and the first chapter of this program is all about un-wiring that mental mindset bullshit.

Part 3 is all about the “perfect effortless seduction” but again, at least 50% of it revolves around the issues that arise specifically in long term relationships. 

That said there is a ton of stuff in there that will be powerful for a single guy…

There is a way to get to know a woman right from the beginning that sexualizes the relationship, so that seduction flows effortlessly and somehow inevitably, and that’s what this piece is all about. 

Initiating sexual intercourse should never feel like this huge thing you have to DO as the next step in an elaborate seduction.  If you get these elements right, it’s just obviously where you end up.

Everyone knows that I tend to emphasize committed relationships in my programs on sex, and that’s just because it’s my stage of life right now.  But playing the field or being polyamorous is great, and as long as you’re being honest and authentic in your interactions, and it’s what you want, you shouldn’t let anyone talk you out of it. 

There’re no rules in this game anymore, and what I really think is worth your while, is if you really put some genuine effort into constantly trying to understand and honor YOUR ever changing genuine desires, and you committing to stay in integrity with your own self and with the lovely women in your life, then you can’t go wrong anymore.

The rest is just the bullshit that men use to distract themselves from the Truth.

If there’s one thing I’m constantly trying to get men to understand it’s that women really WANT you to become that man that makes it fun and easy for them to say “yes!”

Thanks for giving me the chance to reply!


If you’d like more information on Alex Allman and his new ” Passion & Attraction That Lasts ” program, you can check it out right here


Reignite that Attraction & hot passion that tends to always last






P.S. How To Go From Couch To Bedroom

Women LOVE a man who knows how to seduce them.  It’s fun, it’s sexy, and it leads to… SEX!

And just like you, most women would love to have more sex in her life…  

And yet, many men are shy about leading the way when it comes to seduction time.  Here’s an email from a reader:

Just wanted to say thanks, since I’m in my 40’s I like that your articles are more about helping your current relationships and less about picking up chicks. One thing I always have trouble with and could be an idea for a future article is how to get her from the couch to the bedroom and into bed. I bet I’m not the only guy who is ok at getting her to like me but then I stall, get nervous, or just lack game when it’s time to say “Let’s go into the bedroom.”  – M

Well my friend, you’re in luck, I did better than write an article on the subject, I wrote a mini-book called “How To Initiate Sex Without Rejection” that comes as a free bonus with Revolutionary Sexand I did a whole program that is almost entirely on the subject of making seduction effortless called “Passion & Attraction That Lasts“.

I have been told over and over again by men who went and got these programs that they are awesome, so I can very comfortably say: go click those links and buy those programs and you’ll be very glad you did…

But let’s get directly to your point and see if we can get you started on fixing this right NOW…

You suggested some possible reasons for your trouble:

a) “I stall”

b) “get nervous”

c) “lack game”

Two of these are true and one is false.  Can you guess which one is false?  I’ll bed your can.

Lacking “game” is so irrelevant to this conversation that thinking about it is actually part of the problem!  

See, the belief that “game” would help, or that you “lack” it, is actually causing more nervousness, and making the problem worse.  It’s like a blind man saying, “I think I can’t drive well because I lack confidence”… working on his confidence would only be dangerous in his situation.  Get it?

This problem is entirely internal and is based entirely on things that you believe to be true, that ain’t.

Saying, “Let’s go into the bedroom,” obviously should not be hard.  And yet, for so many men it is.  


Bad beliefs.

What is a belief?  It’s a mental shortcut you’ve built from experiences and things other people told you that you hold to be true so that you don’t have to re-examine it.  

For example, “don’t drive through that neighborhood, it’s dangerous,” has kept me out of several areas of L.A., in spite of the fact that I’ve never been there.  I just kind of believe it, and it’s easy to not carefully examine the truth of it.  

Beliefs are NOT truth itself.  They are just strongly held opinions that we don’t just mentally defend, we simply don’t question.

Now what happens when we discover that a belief is false?


Eradicating a false belief is one of the most freeing things in the world.  It opens up enormous possibility.

My mentor and go-to-guy in all things spiritual, Nathan Charles, says: “ALL beliefs are false.”

You can play with that one for a while if you’re interested in enlightenment or a bad head-ache, but for the moment, let’s stick with the beliefs that we can easily validate as untrue.

First: “I need game” to get a woman into bed.  As long as you believe that, it will hold you back from ever getting comfortable and feeling great about seducing women.  When a woman feels “gamed” it makes her uncomfortable and repels her from wanting sex.  

I’ve used this example in the past, and it always resonates with men: People love to buy stuff, but they hate it when someone tries to sell them something.  

I had the experience recently in a watch store.  I had my eye on a particular watch and I went to take a look at it in the metal.  The sales woman started trying to sell me – beginning with a long explanation about the watch.  I made a technical comment about a new design element in the movement for this years model (intended to inform her that I already knew a truly geeky amount about the watch… more than her, actually), but she just went on and on with her pitch.  I walked out.

Women LOVE sex.

Now I don’t know if Nathan is right that all beliefs are false, but the belief that women love sex is scientifically verifiable.   It’s wired into our biology.

Can you imagine how ANNOYING it would be to have someone trying to “game” you into wanting something you already had great love for? (Like me in that watch store).

The funny truth of it is that women have the consistent experience of agreeing to sex in spite of some guy’s “game”, because they had already decided on a yes, and they didn’t want to ruin their own fun of having sex simply because the guy was being a bone-head about the seduction.  So they end up having sex, and the bone-headed guy thinks it was because of his great “game”.

Truly the only thing you need to become great at seduction is the honest-to-God belief that women love sex and that there’s nothing wrong with saying, “Let’s go to the bedroom,” with a big, dopey, eager smile.  (That‘s right, you don’t need to whisper in a gravelly, deep voice and a confidently knowing look– you just need to avoid an anxious voice with a plaintive look).

Yes, there can be more to a great seduction, but if you truly have that one element, you’re ahead of 90% of the men out there who are still trying to bargain for sex, game for sex, act entitled to sex, and all of the other bone-head moves out there.

Remember: When it comes to seduction, she’s on your side.  She’s rooting for you to win.

Now the second bad belief is that there is something tragic, wrong, or humiliating if she doesn’t want to.

If you believe thatand you say, “hey, let’s go to the bedroom,” and she says, “no thanks,” then it’s a big deal… it’s embarrassing… it’s emotionally difficult…

And in fear of that outcome, men feel safer “gaming” than just asking.  And they feel even safer just sitting there doing nothing and losing out on a potentially magic evening of wild love making.

So let’s examine this bad belief.

Now women also love cake.  And if you say to woman, “hey, I’ve got some crazy good chocolate cake in the fridge, want some cake?” and she says, “no thanks,” it’s no big deal at all, right?

When you pop the false belief that being “sexually rejected” is some kind of embarrassing and emasculating death of the ego, and recognize that it’s just not a big deal at all, you can begin to see the nuance of her communication.

It may be that “no thanks,” just means, “not yet,” or “I have a belly ache,” or “gee, I really shouldn’t,” or “I forgot to shave my bikini line and I’m embarrassed for you to see it…”  (Master seduction tip: If it turns out to be that last one, just tell her that you’ve always had a kinky fantasy about shaving a woman, and the whole night will turn silly, fun, and sexy).

And yes, just like some women actually, truly don’t like chocolate cake, some women won’t like YOU either.  “No thanks” can also mean, “I’m just not that into you.”

You know, sucks, but why make it more than it is?

Look in the mirror every morning, put your hand on your heart, and say, “Sex is fun, I love sex, women love sex, and sex is good!  Offering sex is like offering awesome chocolate cake!”

Repeat it over and over again until you can feel that it’s TRUE.

Every day.

Or go to a hypnotist, or a psychoanalyst, or just keep saying to the woman on the coach next to you, “Let’s go into the bedroom,” over and over again, until it just stops feeling scary.  Eventually it will feel natural and fun, and you’ll end up having a lot of sex along the way.  (As the folks at Nike say: Just do it).

For  The Passion & Attraction That Lasts!,


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