Natural Ways To Stay Erect Longer

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How To Maintain An Erection
Natural Ways To Stay Erect Longer

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“Erectile Dysfunction Remedies”


Erectile dysfunction treatments are always given depending on what is causing your problem. There are many available options, and once you discuss it with your doctor, the right prescription will be given.

Some of the most natural or common treatment methods include:

Natural Ways To Stay Erect Longer


1. Counseling Or Therapy:


If your ED is caused by emotional and psychological reasons, then your physician can refer you for therapy. If your issues are about your relationship, then you may need to attend sessions with your partner for you to get complete healing and start functioning better.


2. Oral Medication:

Brands like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra are sometimes prescribed to improve sensation and allow blood flow into your penis.

It is recommended that you take the pills about one hour before the sexual act so that your body can adjust and give room for them to start functioning.

You should always talk to your therapist for the right prescription for your impotence, so that you do not over dose.


3. Penile Injections:


If you cannot take pills, the you can opt for alprostadil injections that are given directly to your penis to trigger immediate hard on. Te injection used is always very thin so you do not have to worry about excessive pain and bleeding from your cock when you use the injection.

4. Exercises/weight loss:

Sometimes, the reason why people develop ED is because of obesity. When fat layers surround veins around your member, it might be difficult to sustain or even get an hard on.

Exercising and embarking on a weight loss journey can be a very effective way of dealing with ED for those suffering from obesity.


5. Surgery:

Although this is very rare, sometimes, you may have to go through an operation to unblock veins to enable you have an erection.

A test is always done to see the level of blockage to find out if you should go for surgery.

Some of the common surgeries include vascular operation which targets the veins and arteries that supply blood to the pecker.

The other is penile prosthetic implant where a devise is put in the dick to allow contraction and relaxation needed to get that erection.


6. Hormonal Replacement:


If Impotency is caused by low levels of testosterone, you can have hormonal replacement therapy to bring your levels back to normal. They are available in form of injections, gels or patches.

The medician will have to establish what is causing your low hormones, and see if there are ways you can boost it without having to take medication.


7. Vacuum pump used on the penis:


To use this method, a plastic cylinder is placed over the penis to pump air that stimulates blood flow.

You then place a plastic ring at the end of the manhood so that the erection can be sustained.


8. Behavior Change:


If your ED is being caused by smoking, drinking and drug abuse, you will have to stop for you to be able to get an erection.

You may need attend rehabilitation, or deliberately purpose to quit.

You can also improve your diet and take foods rich in zinc, vitamin C and omega 3 to improve your blood circulation.

If you have ED, then you should consult your doctor so that you can explore the many natural ED treatments & remedies available.

You can still enjoy a healthy sex life, and ED does not have to put an end to everything involving sex.

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Natural Ways To Stay Erect Longer


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