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What To SAY To Attract A Woman (Exact Scripts To Get Her Wet!)
Get Her Wet With Words stealth reviewMaking Her Wet with Words Review



“Do you come here often?”

A classic opener.

…But totally INEFFECTIVE attracting women .

Discover what IS effective at creating attraction, and later LUST that get her wet in this video…

Say THESE WORDS to trigger attraction in a woman you like (includes exact scripts and words to make her wet)


Getting a woman to become physically attracted to you is a simple case of cause and effect.

And so if you find that you’re not attracting enough women or the right quality of women or woman you would like to OR you’re simply not making a girl wet with your WORDS…

…It’s simply because you’re using the wrong approach.

In other words – you’re implementing the wrong “cause”.

Because whatever you’re already doing is having an effect – it’s just not the effect you desire.

Now before this all gets too complicated and theoretical my point is this…

Different approaches (or “causes”) produce different results (or “effects”).

And if you’re not getting the results you desire with women, it’s not because there’s something wrong with you, it’s not because you’re too ugly, too short, too old, too overweight, too poor or too anything.

It’s simply that you’re using the wrong approach.

You’re experiencing “cause and effect” – you’re just not consciously using it to your advantage.

Make sense?

It’s not you.

It’s your approach.

making a woman wet with wordsAnd the great news about this is that you have the power to INSTANTLY change your approach.

You can change what you say to wet women.

You can change HOW you communicate with women.

You can change your body language.

You can change how you frame or position the dynamics between you and her.

You can change how you look.

There are so many things you can do that ARE in your control.

And THAT is the secret to extraordinary results with women.

…Acknowledging and using that control.


If you’d like to discover some specifics on exactly what to say to make a girl wet, AND…. what to do to attract and trigger lust in your dream woman (or women) then go watch the following video…

EXACTLY what to say and do to attract your dream woman (or women)

Talk soon,


PS – Sometimes it helps to just SEE the specific things that you can do to trigger attraction in a woman (More specifically, things to say to make a girl wet)

Because this will help you understand how you really CAN dramatically improve your results with women AND master the exact things to say to a girl to make her wet.

See these specific examples of attraction techniques that wet girls easily in the video linked here…
questions to make a girl wet review



PS.”Under-the-radar” attraction technique (use to bypass female rejection)

If you HATE that feeling of fear and nervousness you get when you want to go and talk to a woman you like or try and make your move to get physical…  and would LOVE to rid yourself of those horrid feelings of weakness forever then you MUST watch this NEW video revealing step-by-step…

How to use this “under-the-radar” attraction technique to bypass rejection

NOTE: Contains adult language


Last night I got this really unusual email from long time reader Fred from California. That I think you’d really benefit from reading — especially (but not exclusively) if you’re currently single and free to mingle…  🙂

Check it out (and my answer) below.

>>>>> QUESTION: Hey Jack, I’m really loving your emails about relationships and helping guys improve. But my problem is, I can’t even APPROACH a girl to get a girlfriend in the first place…

… Soon as I get talking to a girl, all the muscles in my stomach tighten up. My heart starts beating at 150 miles an hour…My palms gush sweat. And the pitch of my voice shot up 15 decibels…So, I rarely get past the opener before feeling the urge to run off! Did you ever have a FEAR OF REJECTION Jack? And if so, how did you deal with it?

>>>>> MY ANSWER: First of all thanks for writing in Fred. This is a topic I’m sure many of single readers can relate too.

Now, of course I’ve experienced the fear of rejection.

I remember like it was yesterday..

Being at the club with your boys… having a few drinks… then you see a really HOT woman walk by.

And the moment see her, your mind starts racing with all the nasty things you want to do to her.

And even though you’d kill to bring her home with you… and you desperately want to walk over and make it happen…

Your body refuses to cooperate.

You become frozen by fear.

You think of all the ways it can possibly go wrong.

You’re scared you won’t know the right thing to say…

You’re afraid she’s gonna reject you… and embarrass you in front of your boys.

So you just continue to stand there with your drink pinned to your chest and let another opportunity go by. It kills you inside… and you know next weekend, you’ll be reliving the same nightmare.

If this sounds like an experience you’ve ever had too…

ways to make a girl wet with wordsI want you to know …

That there is a DIFFERENT WAY.

Let me ask you this…

How much easier would it be to approach that girl… if you already knew she wanted you?

If there was ZERO risk of rejection?

If it were impossible to fail… and you were GUARANTEED to f*ck her?

Would you have ANY fear of approaching then?

Of course not, right?

Walking up to a woman would be completely stress-free… as easy as ordering your morning coffee, wouldn’t it?

Well… for a growing number of men this fantasy is now becoming reality.

…With the help of a powerful technique for bypassing a woman’s rejection mechanism

And what’s really exciting is that you can now see EXACTLY how to do step by step in this brilliant new video

Discover how to covertly trigger feelings of desire… lust… and sexual addiction using: Stealth Attraction…

Check it out now.

Talk soon,


P.S. When you use this Stealth Attraction secret technique on a woman what happens is you’ll be speaking directly to the SUBCONSCIOUS part of her mind responsible for physical attraction.

And the best part?

Even though you can use this to get her more turned on than she’s ever been in her life (big claim, I know, but it’s true), the techniques you use to make it happen are 100% undetectable.

Meaning… nobody watching will have ANY idea what you’re doing.

Not even the girl…

She just knows it feels really good… and she needs more of it.

That’s the power of Stealth Attraction

So far thousands of guys have watched that video and used the secret it reveals to live out a sex life beyond their wildest dreams.

A sex life that would make even rappers, rock stars and professional athletes jealous…

This… is your chance to put your sexual frustration behind you once and for all.

All you have to do is watch the free video in thI link HERE to find out how it works.
best way to make a girl wet with words


Stealth Attraction Review

Get Her Wet With Words Review

Get Her Wet With Words Stealth Attraction


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