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What To SAY To Attract A Woman (Exact Scripts To Get Her Wet!)



“Do you come here often?”

A classic opener.

…But totally INEFFECTIVE attracting women.

Discover what IS effective at creating attraction, and later LUST in this video…

Say THESE WORDS to trigger attraction in a woman you like (includes exact scripts)


Getting a woman to become physically attracted to you is a simple case of cause and effect.

And so if you find that you’re not attracting enough women or the right quality of women or woman you would like to…

…It’s simply because you’re using the wrong approach.

In other words – you’re implementing the wrong “cause”.

Because whatever you’re already doing is having an effect – it’s just not the effect you desire.

Now before this all gets too complicated and theoretical my point is this…

Different approaches (or “causes”) produce different results (or “effects”).

And if you’re not getting the results you desire with women, it’s not because there’s something wrong with you, it’s not because you’re too ugly, too short, too old, too overweight, too poor or too anything.

It’s simply that you’re using the wrong approach.

You’re experiencing “cause and effect” – you’re just not consciously using it to your advantage.

Make sense?

It’s not you.

It’s your approach.

And the great news about this is that you have the power to INSTANTLY change your approach.

You can change what you say to women.

You can change HOW you communicate with women.

You can change your body language.

You can change how you frame or position the dynamics between you and her.

You can change how you look.

There are so many things you can do that ARE in your control.

And THAT is the secret to extraordinary results with women.

…Acknowledging and using that control.


If you’d like to discover some specifics on exactly what to say and do to attract and trigger lust in your dream woman (or women) then go watch the following video…

EXACTLY what to say and do to attract your dream woman (or women)

Talk soon,


PS – Sometimes it helps to just SEE the specific things that you can do to trigger attraction in a woman.

Because this will help you understand how you really CAN dramatically improve your results with women.

See these specific examples of attraction techniques in the video linked here…



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Get Her Wet With Words Review

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