Female Pleasure Spots Review

If You Rub These 3 MAGIC SPOTS She’ll (Almost) Explode…

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It doesn’t matter whether you’ve just met in the nightclub or you’ve been together for DECADES and your sex life is has dried up to being virtually non-existent…

If you rub these 3 magic spots on a woman, you’ll trigger the most deep primal and INTENSE sexual drive you’ve ever seen.

Discover how to use this to get her begging you for sex here…

Rub these 3 magic spots and trigger intense passionate arousal in your woman


One wrong word…

That’s all it takes for a woman to go from turned ON to turned OFF.

This is why one of the WORST questions you can ask your woman when you want to get her in the mood is “how was work?”

Not only is it a really boring question. But you’ll make her relive her day talking about that woman at work she hates etc… and it’ll KILL the vibe completely!

More and more evidence is coming in that proves that talking and words are the weakest form of communication.

But ESPECIALLY  when it comes to communicating emotional things like sexual arousal or attraction.

Touch, on the other hand, is on the opposite end of the spectrum. Touch speaks directly to her emotional mind.

It’s a far, far safer way of getting sex from your woman, than risky “conversation”.

Because of that, a question a lot of my students write to me is:

“Where should I touch a woman to turn her on?”

In my years of studying sex I’ve discovered 3 points on a woman, which, when touched (or rubbed gently), set off an unconscious sexual urge for the man touching that point.

You can call these pleasure points “sexual activation points”, because of how quickly they make things turn sexual between you.

Let’s take a look at the 3 sexual activation points now…

  1. A soft hand caressing the back & side of her neck

When you softly stroke the back of her neck, it’ll help her feel much more comfortable with you.

And as we know, when a woman feels 100% comfortable to a man she’s attracted to, she’ll sleep with him much more quickly.

Similar to this is kissing a woman on her neck, just below her ear. Another very powerful spot.

  1. Your whole hand firmly on the middle of her back

Imagine standing in front of a woman, close, and reaching your arm around to her back…

…then placing your whole palm on her back, between her shoulder blades.

This is a dominant position… and a guy usually only puts her hand here when he’s making love to her, and she feels aroused.

Which means placing your hand here will trigger that same arousal & make her instantly both imagine and crave sleeping with you.

  1. Hold her hand

Yep, I know that sounds lame.

But this one is actually the most powerful, and generates feelings of deep comfort & desire for you.

Instead of sitting down next to your woman, and striking up conversation. Just hold her hand.

Hold it loosely, at first. See how she holds yours back. Allow her to let go if she chooses. Though when she holds your hand back, you’ll know that’s a strong sign she’s open to getting intimate and sexual with you, if you follow the right steps moving forward from there.


I’m obviously only scratching the surface here of what’s necessary to truly drive a woman wild with sexual lust for you.

To discover more advanced (and highly potent) arousal techniques here’s a video showing LIVE video footage of a friend of mine using touch to make a HOT girl he met on the street become SUPER horny is just minutes – ALL THROUGH a series of gentle, innocent looking touches.

Check it out here:

LIVE VIDEO DEMONSTRATION: Use TOUCH to make your girl horny for you

Talk soon


PS – Obviously, this isn’t about doing a Donald trump and “grab her by the p*ssy” approach – that’ll just get you slapped most probably.

But when you learn how to use “touch” the right way… you can just stroke her hand with your finger and make her WET.

Check out this link to the video above to find out how.






Female Pleasure Spots Review


Female Pleasure Spots PDF Download


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