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Is This LEGAL?Review Of The Female Mind Controlling System




OK Stud. So here’s a technique so powerful for getting women to sleep with you – I’m not even sure it should be legal!

Check it out…

Oftentimes, when you’re about to sleep with a new woman for the first time, she’ll put up ‘LAST MINUTE RESISTANCE’

Sometimes, you can be there, ROCK-HARD – with her DRIPPING WET – and, just before you get inside her…

She’ll start saying:

“I don’t think we should be doing this”

“This is wrong”

“Let’s stop”

Etc etc etc.

Why do women do this?

How can they be there, dripping WET, hot, horny – clearly very into you…

Yet the words coming out of their mouths are saying something else!

Here’s why women often put up ‘Last Minute Resistance’ before sleeping with you:

  1. They fear getting pregnant(it’s a fear that’s part of their genes. ‘In-built’ by nature. To prevent them sleeping with a guy who gets them pregnant, then leaves without doing his part to ‘bring up the kids.’ It’s a PROTECTION MECHANISM)
  2. They fear being labelled ‘a SLUT’(will you go tell all your friends? Will her girlfriend’s judge her badly?)

Anyhow, so there you are…

In bed (or in the Nightclub toilets) and you’re ROCK-HARD…

And she’s dripping WET…

But she’s trying to get you to STOP.

What do you do?

Well, if she’s still got her legs open – so her body language is still saying “YES” – and it’s just her WORDS saying “NO”…

Here is what I’ve done many times in the past…

AGREE with her!

No joke.

Agree with her.

She says:

“This is so wrong. We should stop”

You say:

“You’re right. This is so wrong. But it feels so f***ing good.”

Then KISS her.

She says:

“It’s too soon. I’ve only just met you”

You say:

“I know we’ve only just met. But you feel so good. I can’t resist you”

Then KISS her.

Sooner or later (usually sooner) – she’ll melt, give in, and BEG YOU to f*** her.

Understanding how women are ‘wired’ when it comes to S.E.X is very important if you wanna get laid’ as often as possible.

The FemaleMindControlprogram will give you more uniquely powerful insights into how to make any woman hot, wet and horny – desperate to have you inside her…

Even if she’s so hot your mates all think she’s ‘way out of your league!’

Click here for all the details (NSFW)

And I’ll talk to you soon…

Your friend,

Adam Armstrong

P.S. If you want SUCCESS with women – and as much ‘action’ in the bedroom as possible – watch this video now (NSFW)

Controlling the mind of women


Female Mind Control Review Video

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