“Erectile Dysfunction Facts And Figures”

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erectile dysfunction facts and figures

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“Facts About Erectile Dysfunction In Men?”


Even though there are a number of guys suffering from erection disorders (ED), the condition is still surrounded by so many misguided information.

Some of the most common ED myths and misconceptions include:


Erectile Dysfunction Facts And Figures


1. Myth: It only affects a few men


Fact: ED is very common, and it affects a lot of dudes globally. Unfortunately, most of them feel too ashamed to approach the doctor for treatment because they feel they are the only ones suffering from it.


2. Myth: impotence is part of the aging process, and you should be ready to accept it when it finally gets to you.


Fact: Even if impotency is common among people who are aging, it may is always caused by several other reasons.
This include issues such as lifestyle, drug abuse, medical conditions and psychological reasons.
It affects both the young and the old.
But the good news is that regardless of your age, you can get your sexual life back when you seek treatment.

3. Myth: ED is permanent. there is nothing you can do about it.


Truth: There are many treatment options available for any man with male impotence, and it can be reversible. Most of guys with ED always get a solution from the doctor.


4. Myth: If you can’t get it up, then it must be because you are cheating on your partner, or you no longer find her attractive.

Fact: For most men suffering from ED, it is not because of problems with the partner.

There are few cases where relationship issues can bring about erectile dysfunction, but most of the times, it has nothing to do with the lover.

If your girlfriend or wife starts suspecting that she could be the root of your erection problems, reassure her that your penis is the one solely responsible for the failure.

You can reassure her further by finding other ways apart from penile penetration to pleasure her.


5. Misconception: Tight underwear is the cause of all your ED symptoms


Truth: Even though you have probably heard it too many times, there is no correlation between tight underwear and this male sexual dysfunction. You may want to wear loose underwear for your own comfort atleast.


6. Deception: Erectile dysfunction causes stress only in men

Fact: If you have erectile disorder, your woman may feel sexually neglected. They may also stress about the cause, wondering if they played a part in you developing ED. This may cause a strain in a relationship and could even lead to a break up.


7. Fallacy: Popping Viagra is the most effective way of dealing with ED here


Fact: Even though a lot of males opt for the blue pills in an effort to get tings moving, it is not the best solution.

You will end up developing an over dependency on the drugs, but it will not address the root cause of your problems.

You should avoid the easy fixes and book an appointment with your doctor for a comprehensive test.


8. Myth: Excessive masturbation could lead to a sudden stop to your operations


Truth: Do not worry about masturbation causing your penis to stop. However, excessive masturbation may reduce your need for sex and this could be frustrating to your woman. Just ensure that your masturbation does not develop into an addiction.


9. Myth: Male Impotence is all in the mind:


Fact: Even though there are cases when ED is associated with emotional issues, there are exceptions. Medical conditions, injury on the penis and hormonal issues are some of the reasons of ED. Sometimes it is not in the mind!

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Erectile Dysfunction Facts And Figures


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