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I’m a bit weird.

I’m one of the few people who actually ENJOYS reading detailed heavily scientific research articles.

Now, normally I keep most of what I discover to myself, but the other day, while reading an article in the International Journal of Impotence Research I found something I felt I had to share.

It was something I had always thought, but this confirmed it.

The article I read was about a study on ED and its various causes.

All the usual reasons I’m sure you’ve heard me discuss before were there, but there was another one…


This article outlined depression as a key cause of E.D.

And when you think about it, it seems obvious, right?

If you’re depressed your libido is obviously not going to be running at full capacity.

If you’re not feeling alive, passionate, excited and loving life, your libido and in turn your hard-ons aren’t going to achieve their maximum potential.

Now what are the implications here?

You might be thinking “but I’m not depressed, I just want firmer hard-ons and a stronger libido” or you may be thinking “maybe I am depressed to some degree – but I feel like there’s nothing I can do about that”.

In either case you’ve got to realize the following…

Mindset DOES matter.

As this article I was talking about proves – what goes through your head DOES have an impact on your body and your hard-ons.

And the first step to making progress in this area is to let go of the belief that E.D. is JUST physical.

I know a lot of men don’t like to admit weakness – and feeling depressed or even less than 100% confident or happy is not something many men even like to acknowledge when they experience it.

But IF this is a problem for you then it’s essential you acknowledge it.

Because if you never admit to yourself that how your FEELING and THINKING is affecting your hard-ons, libido and sex life – then you’ll never be able to improve it.

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Okay – so assuming this is an issue, what do you do?

I could spend hours on this, but let me give you a simple little exercise…

If possible, dedicate 5 minutes of time in isolation to complete this exercise with a notepad and pen.


Remember a time when you were SUPER confident, loving life, feeling passionate, excited and on top of the world.

Really get into that experience.

Can you feel it?

Feel that deep sense of excitement and juice for life.

Really connect with that state.

And if you can’t, then ask yourself “what if I COULD experience this state?”

Then, once you’re there, figure out what it is that you do to experience this state.

What do you say to yourself in your own head, how do you carry yourself physically, what do you picture or visualize in your mind.

Grab a journal and WRITE DOWN all the aspects.

Now guess what you have…

You have a RECIPE for confidence, excitement and passion.

So… if you’re ever feeling down or less than 100%, all you need to do is refer back to this recipe and bring yourself to your optimum state of being.

I wish I had more time to go deeper into this, but let me just say – trust me on this exercise and give it your best shot.

Do this little exercise and make it a HABIT to put yourself into your peak state of being and this IN ITSELF can completely crush depression or negative emotions.

And, as we’ve already discussed – THIS can be a major step towards boosting your libido, getting firmer hard-ons and TRANSFORMING your sex life.

Now, I would advise you not to stop there.

What I’ve just shared is a psychological approach to tackling E.D.

If you want to take it to the NEXT level and start experiencing pulsating hard-ons firmer than anything you’ve ever experienced before – and that LAST, then combine everything I’ve shared with the PHYSICAL approach outlined in this video…

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Talk soon,


PS – Ending E.D. and getting the firmest hard-ons of your LIFE is easier than you think.

Plus you don’t need to be under 40 or consume endless dangerous drugs to do it.

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