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How I Last Over 30 Minutes In Bed…
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Premature ejacul*tion sucks.

So if you’d like to know what to do in bed to last as long as you want (and give your woman orgasm after orgasm while you do it), then watch this video where I explain how I last over 30 minutes in bed…

How I last over 30 minutes in bed


How long you last in bed is a SKILL.

That’s right.

It’s not down to genetics, sensitivity, age, physical health or any of the usual things men subscribe it to.

You can LEARN how to last longer in bed.

And way you do that is by implementing techniques that improve your stamina.

Let me share a simple one right now.

A common problem men experience during sex is that as it begins they get very nervous and anxious.

This emotional state floods the body with all sorts of hormones that are counter-productive to you lasting longer in bed.

It’s important you make sure you minimize nervousness as much as possible.

Here’s a way to do that…


If you don’t consciously control your breathing what will typically happen is it’ll get shallower and shallower and along with it your body will become more and more constricted.

And this also means your chances of climaxing early go WAY up.

The way to prevent this is simple.


Throughout sex make your breaths longer, fuller and deeper.

Fill your lungs.

This will have a relaxing effect on your body.

And in turn it’ll be MUCH easier to last longer.

Give this a shot.

I guarantee you’ll thank me.

Oh, and if you want to discover more techniques for lasting longer – including much more ADVANCED techniques, go watch this video I made…

Techniques to last longer in bed [VIDEO]

Talk soon,


PS – These are DRUG-FREE techniques.

This is about giving you TOTAL control over how long you last so you can give your woman an unforgettable sexual experience.

Watch this video above to discover how you can make it happen…Penis Super-sizer Reviews PDF Download EbookGuru Of Ejaculation review pdf download video jack grave techniques tips




Ejaculation Guru Review

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