Early Warning Signs Of Erectile Dysfunction

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“What Are The ED Symptoms?”


The most defining symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED) is when a man is not able to achieve or maintain an erection to be able to perform sexual intercourse.

Do not panic just yet if you have had instances spread within time when you could not get things to move, metaphorically speaking.

There are situations where a man is not able to perform sexually due to different circumstances, and that should not be mistaken for ED.

There is a difference between premature ejaculation, and ED. For it to be categorized as impotency, it must happen continuously over a period of time.

Sometimes ED can start suddenly and persist with consequent attempts of sex, but other times it happens progressively accompanied by some signs of impotence including:

Early Warning Signs Of Erectile Dysfunction


1. Low libido:

If you find that you are rarely in the mood, no matter how much your partner tries to get you there, then it could be a sign that you may be developing ED.

This is common when you start advancing in age, and it could be caused by reduction in testosterone levels in the body.

Of course there could be other psychological factors such as issues in your relationship, financial problems, or anything that is causing stress.

Either way, when you begin feeling like your mind is shutting off from sex, then you should watch out for other ED signs because it could be the onset of erectile sexual dysfunction in men.


2. Problems getting and sustaining an erection:

If you can no longer get a firm erection, or sustain it for more than a few minutes to enable you have sex, you could be developing ED.

Watch out for morning erections. Have they disappeared too?

This could be an indication that you are having a circulatory problem that is preventing blood from reaching your manhood, hence causing the limpness in your penis. You should try self pleasure and see if you can still control your erections through masturbation.

If neither masturbation or your partner’s stimulation gives you an erection, then you may be having impotency. Sometimes, your libido is not affected by ED, but the strength of your erections are very weak compared to other previous hard ons.

In short, you may start getting semi limp penis hardness that end almost as soon as they begin. And even though your mind is really focused on having sex, your dick completely fails to make that happen.


3. Painful sex:

Although it is not very common, some people find that they experience pain during intercourse, especially before or during ejaculation.

This is always during the first stages of developing ED.

It could mean that you have a medical problem affecting the structures that control ejaculation. Some other symptoms of ED could include blood in the semen or actual pain on the penis (peyronie’s disease).

This could also be due to a physical damage or fracture on the penis.

If not checked, they could progressively develop into ED.


4. Priapism:

This is when you develop sudden erections without any stimulation and they do not stop for hours. You must be wondering why that is considered as one of the signs of impotence.

Well, the reason is, it happens because blood in the penis is trapped and cannot be released. If it is not treated immediately, you may end up with irreversible erectile dysfunction.

If you suspect that you may be having symptoms of impotence, it is best to always talk to your doctor so that further checks can be done on you to prevent rapid progression.

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Early Warning Signs Of Erectile Dysfunction


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Early Warning Signs Of Erectile Dysfunction



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