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“Play This FREE Card Game And Watch Sex Happen Effortlessly?”

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One of the fastest ways to bond with a woman is through a technique called “Self Disclosure”

Basically this means that, if you share things about yourself with other people, a bond will develop.

Think about it…

When do you feel as if you really know a person?

Once they’ve revealed all of their deep dark secrets and you know EVERYTHING about them.

There are countless psychological studies which prove this, and it was one of these studies – conducted at Stony Brook University – which inspired my friend Eric to come up with the FREE cards game called “Deck of Destiny“…

This is a counter-intuitive way to bond sexually with a woman, yet scientifically proven to work in as little as 40 minutes…

==> See it in action here…

You see, another way to quickly bond with someone is by sharing experiences with them.

For example, if you go on a 10-hour car trip with someone you’ll likely develop some kind of bond with them.

Another easy way to do this is by playing games.

And that’s basically what the Deck-of-Destiny card game is.

All you have to do is play this simple card game with a women and a relationship will start to form between you and her…

… and by the time you’re done she will be asking who you are, what you do and if you have a girlfriend.

Plus she may even want to ride you that night.

According to Eric he would go down to the bar beneath his apartment, play the game with two or three groups of women, leave his number on a napkin… and by the time he’d get back up to his apartment, some of these women would already be messaging him.

The best part is that you don’t have to do a thing…

…you just sit there and play the game and it happens automatically.
If you’d like to see what I mean, and get a deck of these cards go here right now…

==> How To Create An Intense (Even Sexual) Bond With A Woman

Remember, Eric isn’t selling these decks… nope he’s GIVING them away.

That’s right, you pay nothing except a small shipping and handling fee.

But as this is REAL, tangible stuff, so supplies are limited, and going fast.

This is a simple and powerful way to bring love, lust and intimacy into your relationship… and in double quick time to boot.

==> You owe it to yourself to take a look here…

Seize the day,
Lloyd Lester


P.S. How To Bond Sexually With A Woman

When it comes to successfully attracting and bonding sexually with women, I wasn’t quite expecting this…

Do guitar players get the hottest women?

Well, looks like it’s now been proven with science.

You see, a new French study suggests that a man is regarded as more attractive to women if there’s a guitar in his hands.


Forget about learning to play a guitar – just holding one is enough to pique her sexual interest.

No kidding.

The French results are similar to the findings of another Israeli study – this time, using a Facebook profile pic of a guy holding guitar.

The point is, male guitarists are generally seen as promising mating material (if we didn’t know that already!)

So if you’re holding one of those instruments of desire, she’s a lot more likely to give you a second look.

Plus it doesn’t hurt that guitar players are notorious for being GOOD with their fingers… great for strumming the “clitar”, if you get what I mean 😉

But what if you can’t strum a chord if your life depended on it…

Or if even you try, you look like you’re having a rhythmic gallbladder attack?

Or you simply don’t dig the idea of strapping on a instrument like a second skin?

==> Then doing THIS one simple thing also attracts a woman to you like honey to bees

Not only that.

It ALSO makes her feel a DEEP connection and desire for YOU.

It’ll make her feel quickly drawn toward you, creating a feeling so intense, that it’d almost feel like she’d known you for years…

Well, my friend Eric Owens does a much BETTER job explaining the real science behind this and exactly why this works…

… and more importantly, how YOU to can leverage on this super simple idea to get a woman to be intensely and sexually drawn to you.

It can even help rekindle interest with an old ex-girlfriend or in a relationship that’s going dry…

In fact, in an experiment that was conducted using this one simple idea, many of the subjects actually ended up dating or sleeping with each other after the experiment was over!

Sounds intriguing enough?

It sure did for me when I first heard about it.

==> You should check it out here…

Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester




Deck Of Destiny Review

Deck Of Destiny Review PDF Cards Game Video

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