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Does Your “Size” Really Matter? (The Surprising Truth)


It’s no surprise.

When it comes to bedroom intimacy, one of the major issues for men has to do with the size of their “member”…

Almost every guy wonders and worries about whether or not he is “big” enough for women

And yes, that even includes guys who are “above average” already. (go figure!)

If that sounds like you, you might dig this…

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So, let’s start with that last part…

Why the heck are guys who are above average in size still worried about not being “big enough” to satisfy women?

Because, it’s almost always a mental issue for them… not a physical one.

They’re “above average” in size. So, obviously, size itself can’t be the problem.

But, in their heads, they still believe or fear that it won’t be enough for women.

So… do women really want/prefer a guy who has a bigger rod?

Yes… and… No.

Yes, on the surface, it may seem to be that many women prefer a man who is big, or above-average…

But, when you dig a little deeper… we find that there’s a lot more going on here than just size.

You see, the reason most women prefer a bigger dong is not because of the size at all…

But because of the effect that “size” has on the man who owns that dangle.

A “bigger” man usually has a “big rod” mentality.

That means, he is not insecure about his size, he doesn’t obsess over it, he isn’t worried about whether or not he’s large enough.

And thus, he comes across as being more confident in bed than most guys.

So, when it really comes down to it, the actual size is really not that important to most women.

The thing that’s a heck of a lot more important to women is a guy who is not hung up about his size.

Size only becomes a real issue for most women when it’s an issue with the man she’s with.

Don’t get me wrong… many women wouldn’t complain if their boyfriends or husbands magically became slightly larger down there.

(Just as some guys wouldn’t complain if their girlfriends or wives magically got slightly bigger tits!)

But, if the guy is always worried and obsessed about his own size, it’ll affect his performance in bed. And that could become a major problem for the woman, at some point.

So, the bottom line is… your size is NOT the most important thing to women. It’s not an issue for them, if it isn’t an issue for you.

There’s some great material out there that shows you how to stimulate a woman’s “deep spots” easily and consistently…

Regardless of your size.

Believe me, this works so much better…

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So put aside your “size” worries and open up your mind to what it really takes to satisfy women in bed like a master.

Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester





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