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Hi sexy,

Do you ever find yourself bored with your usual sexual

Don’t get me wrong, making love is amazing, but sometimes it just gets to be a little “same ol’ – same ol’”. How can you change it up?

There are a lot of ways to have “sex”
without ever penetrating your partner.

Some of us have gotten so stuck in our ways that we’ve forgotten about all of the alternative ways to do it.

Do you have trouble with erections sometimes?

This is the perfect way to be sexual with your partner and enrich your intimate life without the pressure of penetration.

Click here to read about how to spice things up without penetration.

get harder erection by commandIt’s not that I’m against regular old sex, believe me, I’m ALL for it!

But I just think if you’re not exploring these other ways to express yourself with your partner then you’re really missing out on something incredible.

Some guys aren’t into the pressure to perform all the time either and these pleasure methods can be great ways to take the pressure off of both of you.

Instead of pressure to perform, we want ALL pleasure ALL the time with ZERO pressure.

That way you can both lay back and just enjoy being with each other again.

Isn’t that what it’s all about?!

Read today’s article to find out how.

Stay tuned for my next article that tells a woman’s first experience with anal sex! If this is something you want to do with your partner, there is a lot you can learn from her story!

Until then check out today’s article on alternatives types of love making.


My names are Joe Slade and my motto is Better Sex = Better Life

I’m very passionate about improving the sexual health of men and helping them achieve the maximum sexual satisfaction from the sex lives.

I’m particularly interested in solving Erectile dysfunction issues in men and assisting guys achieve harder longer lasting erections that fully satisfy their lovers and makes all men feel proud of themselves and the sexual capabilities in general.

ED is not a disease but a condition that can be reversed to your teenage days when just their mere sight of a beautiful girl would make you have uncomfortable hard-ons that couldn’t just go away.

But most men don’t understand that, they think that ED is permanent…. And cannot be reversed…

That’s why I write articles touching on ED, impotence and male sexual dysfunction that I have researched on and feel that can help men suffering from these conditions improve their sexual game.

I also do reviews of various erectile dysfunction products that come up and give my honest opinion as to why you should or should not use the product.

I also do video reviews which I publish in my you tube channel for guys to watch.

So feel free to check out my home page: http://www.gethardererectionbycommand.com/

All the best and if you don’t have one faithful partner, remember, every erection requires protection.


Email:        support@gethardererectionbycommand.com
Website:   http://www.gethardererectionbycommand.com

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